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Welcome to our open bio fruit company!

The reservations for the flower buds are in full swing.
Be on time. You can register via this link:

At our bio fruit company, we grow apples, pears and cherries. You can learn about every aspect of fruit growing, from planting and harvesting to storing and sorting. You can come and pick your own apples and cherries with your family, with or without the assistance of a guide – as you prefer!

In April you can come and admire the blossoms during our open days or nocturne walks. The blossoms are pollinated by our own bees which produce the most delicious honey.

A tour last 1.5 hours and at the end, every visitor receives a fruit package and an apple juice. Groups can also come and visit the company with a guide (by appointment only).

We also have a nice introduction video about our fruit company:


Welcome to our open bio fruit company!
Welcome to our open bio fruit company!

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